Casey was practically raised by a boy-scout camp master and has camping in her blood. She is never happier than when she is making home in the wild. Casey is our chef extraordinaire! She also keeps us sane and organized on the road and is an expert nap-taker.

Red wine makes her cry. Immediately.  



Ransom is our chief mechanic and coffee maker. He learned his mechanical skills from his dad, fixing cars in the driveway and keeping a veritable fleet on the road, and his coffee skills from his (not-a-real-Uncle) Mark. He is in the process of rebuilding a Subaru engine for our van and is drinking lots of coffee to make it through the process. Ransom is always the first one awake on the road. He is also our resident optimist and has to periodically read sad books to keep the happiness at bay.



K2 is our faithful compatriot. She loves adventure and has a keen eye for good trails and the most comfortable bed in the house.